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Staging Your Home to Sell

There are only 3 things keep any home from selling:   1) price, 2) location and 3) condition. 

We can’t ever change the location, but condition is the one thing we can easily address.  Please understand that this is especially important in a buyer’s market!
Here are a few simple and inexpensive ways to help your home make a great first impression:

The Brighter the Better.  Clean windows and open draperies highlight your walls and ceilings.  By letting in natural light, you are letting buyers see how bright and cheery your home can be.  With all the fantastics view here in our area—showcase them!  Also, remember to replace any burnt out light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs because you’ll want to leave all the lights on during showings.

Clean out Closets.  Keep all closets as neat and tidy as possible.  Store all unnecessary and off-season clothing elsewhere.  Closets that are neat and organized will appear larger and more enticing to buyers.

A Tidy Kitchen and Clean Bathrooms are a Must.   Clear all magazines, small appliances, and bath supplies from the countertops.  Remember—less is more!  All appliances, sinks, toilets and tubs must be spotless—no dirt, soap film, dirty grout, etc.  Remove all personal items from the bathroom—make it look like a guest bath or spa.

Start Packing.  Buyers have a hard time looking past clutter.  By removing items that you seldom use, you let people see the space that your home has to offer.  Items such as newspapers and magazines should be put away along with your own personal items.  The buyers will be more interested when they can envision their own items in the property.

Repaint Walls.  This is one of the most affordable ways of making your property look crisp and clean.  Use light colors to make the property look bigger and brighter.  Try neutral tones that everyone will enjoy.

Repair Now to Save Later.  Buyers tend to overestimate the cost of repairs so it’s generally in your best interest to fix the problem now.  Fix loose door knobs and closet doors that are off track.  Cracked drywall and grout, leaky faucets and torn screens may suggest neglect to a prospective buyer.  By taking care of them now, you should be able to get top dollar for your home later.

Always in Showing Condition.  Have your home ready for a showing whenever you walk out of the door.  Beds should be made, carpet vacuumed, dishes clean, and all personal items and clothing put away.


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